Slot Receiver: What They Do and What Routes They Run


A slot is a narrow opening or groove that can be inserted into something. It is also a term used to describe the space between two pieces of equipment such as a CD player or car seat belt.

A Slot Receiver: What They Do and What Routes They Run

In football, a slot receiver is a versatile wide receiver who can line up in the slot area of the field. This allows them to run a variety of routes and makes them a valuable part of the offense.

They often see more targets and gain better stats than the top two receivers on their team, but they need to be consistent to be successful. This means that they need to be good with their timing and have excellent chemistry with the quarterback.

How They Do It: A slot receiver catches passes from different angles and is often behind the line of scrimmage to increase their distance from the defender. This helps them get open for easier motions and shifts in the formation, as well as to confuse the defense.

What Routes They Run: Depending on their position, a slot receiver can run just about any route you can imagine. They also need to be precise with their timing, so that they can make a play on the ball quickly and get in front of the defender.

Their Skills: They need to be tough, fast and agile. They can also be physical and have good hands to catch the ball.

How They Look: Slot receivers typically are shorter, stockier and tougher than wide receivers. They are typically 6’0″ (sometimes smaller) and weigh 180-190 pounds.

Where They Are: Slot receivers are a critical part of today’s NFL offense and will be an integral component for many years to come. They are a valuable part of the quarterback’s passing game and are crucial for running plays, as they can be an extra blocker when they are in the slot.

What They Wear: Slot receivers are allowed to wear any number from 1-49 or 80-89 on their jerseys. This is a change from the past, when they were restricted to wearing 10-19 or 80-89.

Why They Are: Because of their versatility, slot receivers are an important part of the offense and can see a lot of playing time. They can be a vital part of the offense’s pass protection and can fill in for other receivers when they are injured.

Getting Started with Slots

When you first start playing slots, it’s a good idea to set a budget before you begin. This will ensure that you’re not spending more than you can afford and won’t overspend or be distracted by winning.

Read the Pay Tables: Before you place a bet, take the time to find the pay tables on the machines. These tables will tell you the payouts for each line, symbols and other special features. They can be found in a help screen or accessed via a ‘help’ button on the touch screens.